Effective Grinding - The HowTo

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Effective Grinding - The HowTo's Summary
Well, i made a guide that basicly focuses on how to grind efficently with melee classes. But it should work well enough for casters too.

And please, dont flame me (it would just make you look stupid). This is a guide to help you get started to grind efficently, so some of these things you may know from before or may not. If youre willing to take the risk to pick up a thing or two in this guide then DL it ;-)

Happy grinding!

(PS: You use about 1 stack of potions per hour.)


From EU forums (grinding spots):

The List:

Wild Lands

26-29 Spider Caverns

29-33 Necromanian (???) soldiers in Wild Lands. These are the soliders that respawn near the border ranges entrance, they have a few bosses with them. These are very easy to grind, nearly all Melee (which is good for us) and die really easily.
At level 30+ you can easily pull packs of 3 and grind them in around 30 secs. Approx 240xp perkill.

33-36 sewers under old tarantia, fast respawn never any people .. cirkular path. SOBS quest book starter at lvl 35 in there at the empty coffin

Field of the Dead

40-45 Werewolves, two sets one lower level one higher
46-52 Undead south of zone, near zone in, luvly

Eiglophian Mountains

(You might be able to start at Level 51, thanks to Steinhandir for bringing that up)
52-58 Around Cannibal Cave (get to this through a quest line)
Cannibals that go up to 56 and north of there several camps of
snow apes from around 56-59

Thunder River

59-63 Soldier camps located all over the zone

Aztel Approach

64-67/68 Aztel Warden's etc (Middle of map, rez point next to spot!)
67/68-70 Undead/Yeti things (Far right of Map just over half way down)


70-75 Hyenas, Scorpions (Near zone in)
75-80 Death Master Camps (Near Main City - NE ish)
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