Shego the Ranger

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Shego the Ranger's Summary
Age of Conan PvP as low-level ranger.
This is purely entertainment movie, which means you shouldn't expect any uber skills and should just relax and have fun watching.

It is highly recommended that you download the video for best quality. If you really can't do it, then use Vimeo stream. NEVER EVER use Filefront stream. Please and thank you.

By watching this video you agree that you totally love (or at least perfectly fine with) next things:
Bad opponents
Few lower level opponents
Lots of one-shotting and fatalities
One versus 1-4 opponents
Necrophilia & /lol on corpses

Don't watch this movie if you don't like any of those, and if you did - don't you f***ing dare to whine!

Don't mind the racist thing in the beginning. I really don't care who I kill and there were a lot of russians as my victims aswell. Note that I only /lol on corpses if that person offended me before.

"Music time" thing is when you need to wait while music ends or starts, because I can't insert any clip in this time. I placed that because plain black screen for 10 seconds is not cool.

Footage was shot during 2 days on Wildsoul realm. I've rolled ranger especially for ganking and I currently have 500 kills + 12 deaths. I don't plan on leveling further and I don't even plan to play AoC anymore. My main character is (was) 53 Barbarian.

My build is something like 9/0/1 and I use crossbows.
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