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Settar M27
Hey there! I'm Settar from the Tyranny server (US) in Age of Conan. I'm a member of the guild Rising Arms and an active member of the Aoc/Tempest of Set community. You can view my site at www.settar3.blogspot.com
My youtube channel is also linked on the site!
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Age: 27
Race: Stygian
Class: Tempest of Set
Category: PvP
Server: Other (USA)
Music: Anything!
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SettarTempest of SetStygianMaleOther (USA)Link
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INSANE AoE Grinding - Group Ed...PvETempest of Se...4.31953
Recommended!Tempest of Set Feats Video Gui...How To/Guide...Tempest of Se...4.72607
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Rising Arms

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Leyaru Tempest of Set PvP @ 09-05-14 02:06
interesting how so many people have aint nothing wrong with that in their videos lol
Rated: 4.5
Hey, the odd order is the nature of the series. See the series is both TEXT write ups and movies, so the ones in the video pack are the videos, but the other FotD installments are write ups. I put the newest video first in this package so people who have already viewed the first two via youtube would have something new to watch first :)
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