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I can imagine you watched it couple of times now. Even if I was a crappy player with crappy opponents on a crappy server, I would still be happy about it, really. It was indeed very fun in group PvP. I disagree about the DPS output compared to other classes but I won't argue. One thing though, I would never say there is nothing to improve. Thanks again for your comments, I shall improve this in another video someday.
I guess it's mainly beceause Stygia people know the players featured in the video and played with them for months. I always said this video does not show all their talent for a lot of them are not the best duelists, but they still were the best Stygia could offer at that time and deserved to be in it, I guess. Thank you for watching and enjoying anyway, for that is the main goal.
C'est loin d'être le but Nils et tu le sais bien. Comme je l'ai dit sur le post FR sur le forum, c'est ces duels là qui ont sauté en premier lorsqu'il a fallu réduire la taille de la vidéo. 40 minutes c'était trop.
At that time, talisman allowed to have this insane burst DPS but I also had a very low survivability. 1.05 no longer allow this. When Funcom makes the DT fun again in PvP I'll probably return and the first thing will be a new video, this time with some after effects hopefully. Don't forget to rate my video ;)
Here you go, you can D/L the video or wait until they process it and watch it on the megavideo stream.
I am uploading a better version to filefront, hopefully you will be able to stream from their site too beceause AoC HQ Stream does not seem to be generated. This version will be around 800MB but a way better quality.
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