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Conquero PvP @ 08-09-20 01:44
It's not my problem that gems were unbalanced. ALL who have brains could have bought them, and now when there is no gems, i'm "very surprised" that i'm still making a lot of dps with my dual wielding tree. So fuck of noobs Ok?
Conquero PvP @ 08-09-06 11:15
As we all knew; Game is unbalanced. But does it matter when i'm killing same class dudes and even soldiers which are the most overpowered race? Guess it does. I don't say that there is huge amount of skill but i say that you can't see is there a skill so pleas ad some reasons to your comment when posting it. It's no reason to give 1 when you think that game is unbalanced. Thanks.
Conquero PvP @ 08-09-05 14:03
I didn't have full gemmed gear when i made that video actually. It just looks like it because conqueros can have like 100%crit 100% offhand changes and very nice bleed when fight starts. Using them at the same time makes you crit with both weapons with is like 1500-1000 x2 dmg even without fully gemmed gear. Now i(lvl 75) can crit for like 4k with first hit. So i get all others than conq barb soldier or dt down with one or two hits.
Conquero PvP @ 08-09-04 15:33
Not really, I really don't like it as good as 5 or 4 star and i gave stars between 3-2 which is still only my opinion. I don't care that much about stars dude.
Conquero PvP @ 08-09-03 00:15
OK like wtf is wrong with you, you come and give bad ratings if others do not like your movie, if they like you are gonna give them good ratings. Are you nuts? And read my comment that is posted 18:20 again.
Conquero PvP @ 08-09-02 18:20
I would have put clips where other people do the first hit but the problems was that i hadn't time to press record or if I did it started from the middle of the fight. As you mention the video was short, that's because i didn't want to do bad over long video, I just wanted to keep it simple and intensive. I will probably make new video if the audience wants more. Please give me more comments and thanks for archxonus about the comment.
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