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Morsmortis I - Barbarian PvP
(17 min - Jul 8, 2008 - by m0rs)
This is my first movie so bear with me. The movie shows Barbarian PvP on the EN-FURY server. I know I suck at rendering, but I wont sacrifice more quality for less space. But as always, it's recommended that you download the file, since the stream is horrible quality.
TAGS: Morsmortis Barbarian
PvP Barbarian 11,646 0
AoC Speed Grinding Barbarian
(5 min - Jun 3, 2008 - by Anilogas)
Barbarian level 71 grinding mobs really fast. This can compare to the aoe grind groups that people make, although it is a little bit slower, this yields much more money.
TAGS: AoC leveling speed grinding Barbarian
PvE Barbarian 2,782 0
Arcueid PvP Video Reaver specced barbari...
(6 min - Jun 11, 2008 - by Yazuki)
Pvp at level 56 of me as Reaver(DW) Spec
TAGS: specced Doomsayer Barbarian Arcueid reaver
PvP Barbarian 2,055 0
Barbarian Mini-game Pvp
(2 min - Jun 18, 2008 - by rafiend)
Was just a brief video I had sitting around, decided to add some music and test the quality(xvid codec) on a livestream.
TAGS: Barbarian Mini-game pvp
Minigames Barbarian 1,925 0
Izrail Barbarian PvP
(12 min - Nov 17, 2008 - by izrail)
How Barbarian PvP is Done...
TAGS: Izrail Barbarian pvp
Duel Barbarian - 1,842 0

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