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INSANE AoE Grinding - Group Edition
(9 min - Jun 9, 2008 - by Settar)
Gore to Fame Week #3 Contest Winner Here's a video with an explanation of the recently nerfed "Triumphant Life of Set" spec. I explain the s...
TAGS: insane Set edition aoe settar grinding tempest Group
PvE Tempest of Set 1,920 1
Group PvE (melee) #2
(1 min - Jul 4, 2007 - by Funcom)
Another video showing group play from a melee class PoV.
TAGS: pov win noth melee another wing
PvE Unknown 1,329 0
70+ Group Pvp at Eastern Ruins
(8 min - Jun 17, 2008 - by prorook)
Just general pvp clips. I spent a whole 20 minutes putting this together, but I figured I'd upload it anyway. There aren't many high level group pvp movies yet...so heres a general idea of what goes down.
TAGS: Group Eastern Ruins
PvP Guardian - 562 1
Achluss and his team at the Sanctuary / ...
(0 min - Jun 25, 2008 - by Achluss)
Short movie (my first one \o/) about a loling boss. / Courte vidéo sur le fou rire qu'on a eu sur ce boss :)
TAGS: son
Comedy Barbarian - 360 0
Group PvE (melee)
(1 min - Jul 4, 2007 - by Btcc22)
A short clip showing melee PvE combat.
TAGS: combat bat wing win melee
PvE Unknown - 69 0

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