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Fatality: Guardian PvP
(16 min - Jun 2, 2008 - by haxic)
*Please download the video from Filefront for best quality, don't you DARE watch it on the Filefront stream, if you HAVE to watch it stream, use Vimeo's* *If you don't like the music, MUTE and listen to your own, problem solved.* Harlo there! Iíve always wanted to make a serious PvP movie, but...
TAGS: Guardian Cimmerian lowbie Fatality low Wildsoul level Sweden
PvP Guardian 11,502 1
Fatality 2: Guardian PvP
(33 min - Nov 5, 2008 - by Haxic)
*Please download the video from Megaupload for best quality, except if I add other better Download links. And thanks to Ikshadow for the Stream.* *If you don't like the music, MUTE and listen to your own, problem solved.* Harlo there! So this is my second PvP movie, but there are some changes!...
TAGS: Fatality
PvP Guardian 10,323 0
Gray Guardian PVP 2
(5 min - Jul 25, 2008 - by grayguardaoc)
Gray - 80 Guardian PVP - Aquilonia EU This is just a quick little video for fun after we did some PVP games yesterday All clips recorded last night (21 July) during some Totem Torrent games with: - Midwinter - Sargaz - Qita - Jophet - Mantoya - and myself We had some pugs from time ...
TAGS: Gray Guardian pvp
Minigames Guardian - 2,377 1
Rolph I (Guardian 1.05 testlive)
(12 min - Jun 3, 2009 - by )
A 12 minute PvP video of my level 80 tempest guardian, Rolph, on testlive. This is the current build of 1.05.
TAGS: Rolph polearm tempest AoC Guardian
PvP Barbarian - 1,610 1
Guardian Vs. Bearshaman
(3 min - Jul 4, 2008 - by skarkbait)
This is a duel where I tested my new polearm spec which is awesome! I do some insane burst damage the bs cant keep up healing at some point. Keep in mind this is the first time I made a video :))
TAGS: Guardian BearShaman
Duel Guardian - 1,556 1

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