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Keshata Freestyle Team PVP - Les Viandar...
(7 min - Aug 14, 2008 - by Nestoyeur)
A little PVP session at Keshata Five player against all :) Nestoyeur, Les Viandards
TAGS: Keshata viandards team jcj Kesh
PvP Multiple - 12,193 1
Die Trying goes Keshatta
(8 min - Aug 17, 2008 - by Noemiownsyou)
In this movie Die Trying ganks the crap out of: - M E H - RUSCorp - WarCry - and several other wannabe PvP guilds ;) The movie is recorded in Keshatta Recording Program: Fraps 2.9 Music: Shameboy I realised I compressed the video a bit too much, in case there is a request for a H...
TAGS: die noemiownsyou Trying Conqueror goes time Keshatta
PvP Multiple - 1,305 0
SUNday - Keshetta event
(6 min - Jul 7, 2008 - by Dwn YellowCab)
SUN decided to close down Keshetta for some hours; In essence, inviting all other large guilds to join in for a large pvp event. This is a video summary of what happened during the two hours the "maintenance" was running.
TAGS: SUNday Keshetta event zerg
PvP Tempest of Set - 531 0

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