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PoMitra AoE Grinding - Level 74
(2 min - Jun 2, 2008 - by Qpon - Kwake)
Priest of Mitra AoE Grinding Zone is Kheshatta
TAGS: PoMitra aoe grinding level
PvE Priest of Mitra 9,950 0
Priest of Mitra PvP Weekend footage
(13 min - May 18, 2008 - by Ozzyrys)
Some footage I`ve taken during Gamespot PvP Weekend. This event was NOT under NDA. Basically it just show overall PoM gaming experience I had during one day of PvP weekend. I have no uber skillzors nor hiper super 'I pwn' situations. If you are not looking for those two, ENJOY!
TAGS: priest minigames Mitra Weekend footage
PvP Priest of Mitra 4,313 1
Priest of Mitra AoE 61-65
(4 min - Jun 13, 2008 - by Ixomunai)
Greetings, It's nothing new, but I thought I will just record some clips and gather them a bit to make a short movie, how PoM can perform. And lol at typo with ToS in movie. ;) I'm new to editing so, you can throw potatoes at me. ;) At least I hope you will like it a bit. Regards, Ix...
TAGS: priest Mitra aoe
PvE Priest of Mitra - 1,279 1
Priest of Mitra casting Soul of Mitra
(1 min - Jul 10, 2007 - by Funcom)
In extreme times of desperation, the Priest of Mitra may turn to his deity for the ultimate support. Through the Soul of Mitra spell, the Priest will ignite in holy fire, inflicting damage to anyone in his general vicinity. It will even render him almost completely immune to physical damage! It come...
TAGS: mage elf time priest soul holy fire damage action power
Official Priest of Mitra 1,179 0
Assassin and Priest of Mitra in Capture ...
(4 min - Jun 10, 2008 - by Acindo)
** Please download the File Front version to see it in the proper quality ** A few clips all from a single game of Capture the Skull. For those of you that are not familiar with how the minigames work, they are extremely unbalanced and fairly crap. A level 80 player can join the same pvp mini...
TAGS: assassin Skull priest Minigame Mitra Capture
Minigames Assassin 566 1

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