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Torbull's Dark Templar PvP Movie
(11 min - Oct 26, 2008 - by Torbull)
This is a PvP Movie by Torbull as a Dark Templar class.
TAGS: dark Torbull Templar pvp movie
Duel Dark Templar - 3,082 1
TerrasErronis: PVP Weekend - Dark Templa...
(6 min - May 21, 2008 - by qpon01)
Commentary by TerrasErronis http://www.youtube.com/user/TerrasErronis From the Age of Conan PvP Beta weekend: Dark Templar capturing the flag. The game was great once you learned how to play and the Dark Templar was a lot of fun. Check my videos for a similar video showing the Tempest of Set. ...
TAGS: pvp Templar dark Weekend Commentary
Minigames Unknown 2,096 1
(8 min - Mar 11, 2010 - by )
I made this movie to Show that Dark-Templar dont suck i think its more then a Challenge to play a DT. Working on a Duell Movie soon. This Video is Just Ganking like it is like i like it! Dont Flame me for anything its just a pvp server and we never Ganked lowlevels mostly around 10Levels Higher t...
TAGS: NoEscape-Dark-Templar
PvP Dark Templar - 1,546 0
Visstrixx kill by danish templars
(5 min - Feb 27, 2010 - by Jazzfar)
A Visstrixx slaughter by the guild - Danish Templars on CROM EU Enjoy
TAGS: Visstrixx Danish Templars Vistrix kill
Vistrix's La... Herald of Xotli - 619 0
Danish Templars vs Yakhmar
(11 min - Feb 27, 2010 - by Jazzfar)
Danish Templars taking Yakh down.
TAGS: Danish Templars Yakhmar farm
Yakhmar's Ca... Herald of Xotli - 533 0

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