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Mastering The Bear 1: Bear Shaman pvp
(11 min - Jul 28, 2008 - by Seigard)
Bear Shaman world pvp, level 58 - 64. Note: im not that good at editing, but I tried to make it entertaining. Hope you enjoy it.
TAGS: Seigard Mastering The bear
PvP Bear Shaman 9,811 1
The Chim Reaper
(0 min - Sep 13, 2008 - by Chimairasic)
Hello people This is my first ever aoc movie, and third pvp movie, so don't expect great editing I first wanted to wait for the PvP patch to record this, but seeing it didn't arrive on the 10th I couldn't wait anymore. I am using no gems in this movie, here's a link of my gear( you can also s...
TAGS: The Chim Reaper
PvP Assassin 6,296 1
The Talismancer (DT Duels)
(26 min - Jul 19, 2009 - by Kryofenix)
This video is made of a few duels against some of the most talented players of my server, one of each class. Some of the fights are quite long, but I did put the good ones and not necessarily the ones I won easily. I am sure all the people featured in it can do better, me included. This was made dur...
TAGS: talisman dark Talismancer kryofenix katchina Templar
Duel Dark Templar 3,922 0
The most epic moment in gaming history
(403 min - Mar 27, 2009 - by Psy)
By luck we found something special happening in Aquilonian End. Let's hope the whole AoC community does something about it.
TAGS: The epic gaming history most moment
PvP Unknown 3,827 1
The Roleplayer
(6 min - Dec 10, 2008 - by Vaca - Outer Rim Productions)
The story of Vaca, a roleplayer seeking assistance with a quest of utmost importance from a non-rper. An Outer Rim Production.
TAGS: The Roleplayer
Comedy Multiple 3,751 1

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