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Bear Shaman - Blessed Claws
(0 min - Jul 3, 2007 - by ConanCast)
This short video, created by Funcom for Age of Conan, shows a Bear Shaman using its "Blessed Claws" ability. -Provided by ConanCast. http://www.conancast.com
TAGS: shaman using fun claw sin bear
Official Bear Shaman 13,808 1
Cerinn : BearShaman AOC PvP 1
(16 min - Jun 23, 2008 - by Eqgle)
Gore to Fame Week #4 Contest Winner I made this movie to train myself on Sony Vegas, enjoy. Contains : Solo BearShaman PvP, lvl 60 to 8...
TAGS: Cerinn BearShaman AoC
PvP Bear Shaman 10,952 0
Mastering The Bear 1: Bear Shaman pvp
(11 min - Jul 28, 2008 - by Seigard)
Bear Shaman world pvp, level 58 - 64. Note: im not that good at editing, but I tried to make it entertaining. Hope you enjoy it.
TAGS: Seigard Mastering The bear
PvP Bear Shaman 9,811 1
Blood for Blood 1: Bear Shaman PvP
(10 min - Jun 17, 2008 - by Shinanigan)
Contains 52 Bear Shaman 1v2 & 2v3+ Long, Close fights. Edited footage for time Getting 1 shot by a ToS A View of the "Unde...
TAGS: bear shaman Shinanigan Doomsayer
PvP Bear Shaman 7,168 1
Bear Shaman Tips
(6 min - Jul 14, 2008 - by Shinanigan)
A guide for beginning Bear Shaman, or anyone curious about the class. Covers Correct usage for Renewal / WotW with combos How to...
TAGS: bear guide shaman Tips Shinanigan
How To/Guide... Bear Shaman - 6,229 1

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