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P Title ClassDate Size Rating DLs
The Chim ReaperAssassin08-09-132665.006133
Assassin PVP II - ArchonusAssassin08-09-151355.009941
Recommended!Fatality 2: Guardian PvPGuardian08-11-057644.7910106
RazeL 1st Minimovie PVP - Assassin 80Assassin08-07-021654.721828
Recommended!Geass Number OneTempest of Set08-10-145944.715518
Melee RangerRanger08-12-29634.672461
Low Level Bear Shaman PvP guideBear Shaman08-06-03574.672644
Archonus - Assassin PVP IIIAssassin08-09-291564.674873
Assassin PVP - Mephs: "No Gimmicks" Pa...Assassin08-07-018324.653406
Ta Sho Kheshatta Player FarmingHerald of Xotli08-08-114714.562976
Recommended!No Gimmicks III - Assassin PVPAssassin08-07-106864.536351
Recommended!Hero's Way of BeingAssassin09-04-1710074.5210848
Priest of Mitra PvP Weekend footagePriest of Mitra08-05-183094.474247
Fatality: Guardian PvPGuardian08-06-024364.4511202
Obscurae I - Terrible HyboriaAssassin08-08-061944.422830
Sephrenia - Assassin PVPAssassin08-07-233604.424296
The most epic moment in gaming historyUnknown09-03-271184.333737
Recommended!Perfect InsanityConqueror09-05-043484.3319588
Recommended!TSA vs Ez Siege fight 30-6-08Tempest of Set08-07-032294.327920
Cerinn : BearShaman AOC PvP 1Bear Shaman08-06-234224.3210658
The Talismancer (DT Duels)Dark Templar09-07-194174.303750
TerrasErronis: PVP Weekend - Tempest o...Tempest of Set08-05-20184.2911485
Bye DieDark Templar08-08-276544.275200
Blood for Blood 1: Bear Shaman PvPBear Shaman08-06-172314.266954
Kantuz - IndestructableBear Shaman08-09-086854.254877
HoX, Fatality and Pew pew movieHerald of Xotli08-07-111544.254190
Recommended!Archonus' Assassin PVP FinalAssassin08-12-017804.2213900
Siege PvPUnknown07-10-26494.216725
Recommended!21 Grams Hardcoro EditionGuardian08-12-043514.1610788
PVP Seige VideoTempest of Set08-07-013274.132217
Dark PerseveranceDark Templar08-07-013844.082020
Assassin PVP - ArchonusAssassin08-08-23794.054629
Ronartest 80 tos (before op storm crow...Tempest of Set09-04-232054.002133
Keen and Graev - Bear ShamanBear Shaman08-05-1954.001956
BDs BattlekeepUnknown08-06-24204.00629
Recommended!Spitfire: Herald of Xotli PvPHerald of Xotli09-04-067763.977018
Recommended!Morsmortis I - Barbarian PvPBarbarian08-07-086803.9611576
Recommended!Assassin: Best At Both WorldsAssassin08-07-167933.9511187
Useless til 70Assassin08-06-135153.952068
Aqeono IBear Shaman08-07-044783.881867
Reaver Barb PvP movieBarbarian08-07-101883.861769
Best corpse explosionPriest of Mitra08-06-232103.83698
40-43 Bear Shaman PvPBear Shaman08-06-141853.811420
Arcueid PvP Video Reaver specced barba...Barbarian08-06-11993.751991
Leniog 55/57 BS PVPBear Shaman08-06-172483.75668
TerrasErronis: PVP Weekend - Dark Temp...Unknown08-05-21143.752044
Sildor pvp nr2Barbarian08-07-312643.752249
Recommended!Enkei Ranger PvPRanger08-07-074033.724426

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