Category: Dungeons

P Title ClassDate Size Rating DLs
Level 40 Dungeon ImpressionNecromancer08-06-023394.383318
Vistrix - 24 Man Raid Boss - Tank PoVGuardian08-06-162263.535453
Recommended!Dark Falls - PVE Raid - Kyllikki Video...Demonologist08-07-153662.694568
Ahazu-Zagam - 4 minute killDemonologist08-07-081841.001830
Champion de la garde d'Honneur down en...Ranger09-02-09139-368
Yakhmar bugguéRanger09-02-09101-459
Vistrix down par Præstes AtaliRanger09-02-09241-388
Kyllikki down par Præstes AtaliRanger09-02-09193-906
Ahazu-ZagamPriest of Mitra09-02-24343-1081
Raid blackMultiple08-08-19719-477
Darkwind vs VistrixTempest of Set08-08-2081-1166
Divinity vs YahkmarMultiple09-03-05160-1069
Divinity vs VistrixMultiple09-03-09219-948
Dread Vs. Incubus SuccubusDemonologist08-07-10452-1283
Sanctum of the Burning Souls - Cinemat...Tempest of Set08-06-1661-764
Ahazu-Zagam - Black Ring Citadel Tier ...Herald of Xotli08-07-14390-1676
Champion of HonorguardTempest of Set08-07-09223-640
Destiny vs Ahazu-ZagamGuardian08-09-09214-1196
Destiny vs SeruahGuardian08-09-14183-1209
Sactuaire MoviesUnknown08-07-1476-209
Destiny vs Incubus and SuccubusGuardian08-09-16201-1096
RUScorp vs YaremkaGuardian08-07-21330-1230
Kyllikki killed by Awakening of Cthulh...Multiple08-10-04390-1222
Element Zero Vs Incubus and SuccubusMultiple09-08-13133-109
Trailer Tier 1 Clear by Danish Templar...Herald of Xotli10-02-27165-388
Visstrixx kill by danish templarsHerald of Xotli10-02-27229-513
Danish Templars vs YakhmarHerald of Xotli10-02-27239-466
Danish Templars vs Champion of the Hon...Herald of Xotli10-02-27194-426
Tribunal Down YahkmarBear Shaman08-10-1421-397
Celestial Necropolis HardmodeMultiple10-05-31939-919
Incubus and Succubus HDGuardian08-07-30223-855
Vistrix klilled by Awakening of Cthulh...Multiple08-11-01612-1019
Athyr-Bast the Shadow MasterGuardian08-07-31216-2260
Champion of the Honorguard KillUnknown08-06-2523-396
The Covenant of Mor`di KylikiUnknown08-11-0933-774
The Unforgiven takes on Amphitheatre o...Multiple08-11-20119-86

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