Class: Bear Shaman

P Title Category Date Size Rating DLs
Recommended!The bearPvP10-03-1155-216
How NOT to play BearshamanDuel09-06-0270-1867
Bearshaman DuelsDuel09-05-112262.672039
Ritepsi PVP KhesattaPvP08-11-040-3410
Bearshaman 1on1 Duel08-11-0338-612
Tribunal Down YahkmarYakhmar's Cave08-10-1421-397
Dispates - testingDuel08-10-1350-505
Ajz PVP Bear ShamanPvP08-10-11112-603
Kantuz - IndestructablePvP08-09-086854.254868
Bear Shaman PvPPvP08-08-27165-933
Mastering The Bear 1: Bear Shaman pPvP08-07-281493.659720
Mighty Morphin' Bear RangerAction08-07-231034.581599
Recommended!Bear Shaman TipsHow To/Guides08-07-1486-6009
Ninja BearWorld PvP08-07-08401-1397
I am only a priestPvP08-07-07212-989
Aqeono IPvP08-07-044783.881842
Bear with me IIPvP08-07-042923.501597
Low level Bear Shaman PVP GarugPvP08-06-25413.33377
Cerinn : BearShaman AOC PvP 1PvP08-06-234224.3210628
Bear with me IWorld PvP08-06-191913.192114
Bear Shaman vs Tempest of SetDuel08-06-182502.961563
Blood for Blood 1: Bear Shaman PvPPvP08-06-172314.266928
Leniog 55/57 BS PVPPvP08-06-172483.75665
40-43 Bear Shaman PvPPvP08-06-141853.811412
Bear shaman world PVPPvP08-06-0547-1079
Low Level Bear Shaman PvP guidePvP08-06-03574.672627
Keen and Graev - Bear ShamanPvP08-05-1954.001951
Bear Shaman - Blessed ClawsOfficial07-07-0323.7413553

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