Class: Guardian

P Title Category Date Size Rating DLs
Recommended!21 Grams Hardcoro EditionPvP08-12-043514.1610919
Recommended!Fatality 2: Guardian PvPPvP08-11-057644.7910162
Hox vs GuardianPvP08-10-0520-274
Destiny vs Incubus and SuccubusBlack Ring Citadel08-09-16201-1140
Destiny vs SeruahBlack Ring Citadel08-09-14183-1257
Destiny vs Ahazu-ZagamBlack Ring Citadel08-09-09214-1244
Die Trying City (PvP)PvP08-09-06269-1126
Die Trying clear KheshattaPvP08-08-21269-999
A Night's DreamPvP08-08-1963-3457
fooling aroundPvP08-08-1994-539
Athyr-Bast the Shadow MasterBlack Ring Citadel08-07-31216-2300
Incubus and Succubus HDBlack Ring Citadel08-07-30223-901
Gray Guardian PVP 2Minigames08-07-2544-2152
RUScorp vs YaremkaBlack Ring Citadel08-07-21330-1259
Skarkbait PvP TrailerPvP08-07-149-1295
Skarkbait PvP TrailerPvP08-07-049-634
Guardian Vs. BearshamanDuel08-07-0434-1344
52 Guardian Vs. 58 ToS(Ha)PvP08-07-0218-166
Dächer von Poitain / Roof's of PoitExploration08-07-0149-444
Guardian PVE at lvl 40, acheronian PvE08-06-2356-59
70+ Group Pvp at Eastern RuinsPvP08-06-17671-585
Vistrix - 24 Man Raid Boss - Tank PVistrix's Lair08-06-162263.535503
Glingolina got funPvP08-06-1488-488
Yakhmar's Cave previewExploration08-06-05753.251192
Fatality: Guardian PvPPvP08-06-024364.4511278
Sanctum of the Burning Souls Quick PvE08-05-27403.75959
Age of Conan: Journey Out of TortagPvE08-05-2695-204

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