Server view : Doomsayer

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
40-43 Bear Shaman PvPBear Shaman08-06-141853.811525
70+ Group Pvp at Eastern RuinsGuardian08-06-17671-588
Abatorlos PvP 1 - Essential ElementsTempest of Set08-06-091083.252624
Ahazu-Zagam - 4 minute killDemonologist08-07-081841.001877
Arcueid PvP Video Reaver specced barbaBarbarian08-06-11993.752026
BDs BattlekeepUnknown08-06-24204.00668
Bear Shaman TipsBear Shaman08-07-1486-6097
Blood for Blood 1: Bear Shaman PvPBear Shaman08-06-172314.267058
Champion of the Honorguard KillUnknown08-06-2523-429
Dark PerseveranceDark Templar08-07-013844.082057
Dread Vs. Incubus SuccubusDemonologist08-07-10452-1283
Foo Keep IUnknown08-06-2639-147
Geass Number OneTempest of Set08-10-145944.715559
Havocal: Kheshatta Duels - DemonologisDemonologist08-07-252612.1513984
Low Level Bear Shaman PvP guideBear Shaman08-06-03574.672706
Spellweaving NecroUnknown08-07-0237-423
Ta Sho Kheshatta Player FarmingHerald of Xotli08-08-114714.563017
Tier Three KeepTempest of Set08-06-19143.44643
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