Not Good Enough To Be Named

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Not Good Enough To Be Named's Summary

So I decided that I wanted to start fresh with my PvP footage. Instead of just scrapping all the fights that I had recorded from day 1 as an 80 until now...I decided to put it all together and make a little mini PvP video. I received numerous messages from Assassin�s ranging from levels 10-80, begging for more video�EVERY single one of them said that they need to see something to keep them motivated ASAP, because they have had it with the class and are on the verge of giving up...and that is my main reason right there for not deleting all of these fights you are about to see.

A good amount of the fights are from the first day I specced corruption or are from the firsts few hours of trying out a new spec, and it is VERY obvious how rusty I am. I have no idea what/where certain things are on my hotbar, and that is also quite obvious. With the lack of people being level 80 at the time of most of these fights, I did not have much to choose from, and I had to go with whatever 80�s were there.

Now don't get me wrong, this video is not complete trash...it isn�t a Youtube video of a level 7 running around killing at the Tortage beach, or a video about "Bugz"...however due to the reasons above, it is trash in my eyes, and it is nothing compared to what I plan to put out later on...but if it can inspire those who are frustrated with the class and are overwhelmed with all the negative posts on the forums...so be it.

With that said�Enjoy the 11 minute video.

No Filefront stream link right now, only for download. Stream link will be posted later today or tomorrow.


Runtime: 11:43
File Size: 349mb
Resolution: 1280x720
Recoreded with Fraps

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