Leniog 55/57 BS PVP

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Leniog 55/57 BS PVP's Summary
First off, Hello, I'm Leniog of Tyranny. This is my first ever official PVP video. I mostly made this video with the intent of entertainment and to see some of the capabilities of the Bear Shaman in small group pvp and 1v1.

I am by no means proclaiming that I'm the best or this is the only way to play a bear shaman... its merely how i play it :)

Some side notes:

In the end my feats and K/D ratio are displayed but this isn't bragging... in fact i know my feats are kind of jacked up at the moment, and just in case you don't download the higher quality version, the K/D ratio is 308 kills to 58 deaths. Mostly solo with some 2vX pvp.

The video is mostly composed of random world pvp with a few arranged 1v1s towards the end verses classes that a lot of people complain about, namely Cyclone of Steel barbarians (reaver barbs) and Lightning Specced ToS. (2 shot build).

Bullet for my Valentine - Scream Aim and Fire
Bullet for my Valentine - End of Days
Bullet for my Valentine - The Poison
Disturbed - Perfect Insanity

I recommend downloading the higher quality version, the stream is very low and the notes in the movie are hard to read. Any questions and comments are welcome. Hope you enjoy the video!
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