No Gimmicks III - Assassin PVP

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No Gimmicks III - Assassin PVP's Summary

Gore to Fame Week #6 Contest Winner


Scene 01: Random Obliteration
Scene 02: Brawls
Scene 03: It's The Class
Scene 04: Am I 80 Yet?
Scene 05: Me + Bear Shaman = PROFIT??? (aka Oh **** He Found The Radial Blur Filter)
End: Special Thanks


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This will be the last in this "series" of PVP videos focused on the life of a Lotus Assassin levelling from 40-70 and the encounters, challenges, and whatnot we face along the way.

While you might not find a modest "death reel" this time around, I assure you I died many times on the way up, but in all honesty with the exception of a couple opponents 1v1, they were all deaths to either level 80s (and usually close fights), or me getting ganged on by 3+ people at a time. Most of the the people you fight while you're levelling are bound to be mediocre in the PVP department, and I'm pretty sure no one can deny that, so there isn't much to comment on most of my targets.

On the other hand, note that most featured clips show targets of much higher level being absolutely, downright obliterated in that sense, but I try to include some of my best fights as well, as sparing as they are.

Anyway this wraps up the 3-part series. I was shooting for a shorter video and a bit simpler intro this time around. Enjoy, and big thanks to all the support from the Assassins out there that still believe in the class and everything it can do.


Rammstein - Engel
Rick Derringer - Rock n' Roll Hoochie Coo
Louis Prima(?) - I Wan' Na Be Like You
AC/DC - Big Balls
Dj Tiesto - Just Be
Dj Tiesto - Tear in the Open (interlude)
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