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Torbull's PvP Video *New*
(8 min - Mar 11, 2010 - by Torbull)
This is a video of my Dark Templar dueling in Epic Khesh
TAGS: pvp Video
Duel Dark Templar - 5,310 1
Dark Falls - PVE Raid - Kyllikki Video 2...
(16 min - Jul 15, 2008 - by Sven Majeric)
Dark Falls First Kill Kyllikki. Dark Falls - PVE Raid vs Kyllikki - 22.06.2008 Länge: 16 Min Größe: ~ 360MB Auflösung: 720 x 480 Codec: WM9 ~ 3000kbit/s Music by Rhapsody & Children of Bodom Viel Spaß beim schauen,
TAGS: dark Kyllikki Falls Video pve raid
Chief Kykikk... Demonologist 4,984 1
Tempest of Set Feats Video Guide
(8 min - Jun 2, 2008 - by Settar)
Gore to Fame Week #2 Contest Winner A video guide depicting three installments of the "Feat of the Day" series for Tempests of Set (Including...
TAGS: tempest guide Set settar Feats Video
How To/Guide... Tempest of Set 2,801 1
PVP Seige Video
(8 min - Jul 1, 2008 - by Davis)
This is the first battle keep siege that took place on the Set server on 27 Jun 2008. There is also commentary on how the PVP siege works.
TAGS: pvp Seige Video
Siege PvP Tempest of Set 2,767 1
Arcueid PvP Video Reaver specced barbari...
(6 min - Jun 11, 2008 - by Yazuki)
Pvp at level 56 of me as Reaver(DW) Spec
TAGS: specced Doomsayer Barbarian Arcueid reaver
PvP Barbarian 2,192 0

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