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AoC - PvP Movie
(9 min - Oct 25, 2007 - by Niklas)
A Age of Conan PvP Movie, filmed with a video camera at a GC.
PvP Unknown 23,038 0
Archonus' Assassin PVP Final
(20 min - Dec 1, 2008 - by Archonus)
ARCHONUS Assassin PVP Final DOWNLOAD THE MOVIE FOR HIGHEST QUALITY. If you don't like a movie with lots of edits, skip the first part. - This is my final movie from the Assassin PVP series, and unfortunately the population in Kheshatta is low until the server merges, so you will see me ...
TAGS: assassin final Archonus
PvP Assassin 15,636 0
Enkei Ranger PVP II
(8 min - Jul 21, 2008 - by Enkeii)
Second movie in the series focused on entertaining. Next part will be all duels.
TAGS: Enkei Ranger
PvP Ranger 14,093 0
Keshata Freestyle Team PVP - Les Viandar...
(7 min - Aug 14, 2008 - by Nestoyeur)
A little PVP session at Keshata Five player against all :) Nestoyeur, Les Viandards
TAGS: Keshata viandards team jcj Kesh
PvP Multiple - 12,792 0
TerrasErronis: PVP Weekend - Tempest of ...
(8 min - May 20, 2008 - by qpon01)
Gamespot PVP Weekend Tempest of Set with commentary by TerrasErronis http://www.youtube.com/user/TerrasErronis
TAGS: tempest Set Weekend Commentary
PvP Tempest of Set 11,912 0

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