Killing Spree - Bloodrayne select_stream:
Greetings, This is my first shot at a PVP video, so I'll make it short and sweet.
I'm new to video editting and thought I'd see what I could do with some of the tools I have.
I'm in no way pro at it, so don't expect much.

This video does not contain anything special, that hasn't been done before. But I feel it's my time to do it too.

Part 1 youtube HD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDkCKYfo4HQ

Part 2 youtube HD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DV2e68NKAOI

Part 2 Megavideo: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=BDFV3FKJ (bad quality)

Runtime: 20:10 in 2 parts.
File Size: 365mb and 323mb
Resolution: 1280x720
Server version:
Recorded with Fraps
Edited with Sony vegas

Location: Kheshatta, Field of the Dead, Tarantia Common District
Build: Corruption/general and Lotus/general
Fights: 15 duels 10 ambushes
Soundtrack List:

--> B-Complex - Beautiful Lies

--> Rammstein - Asche zu Asche

--> Greenday - Espionage / Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People

--> Talking heads - Psycho Killer

The Video


Part 1: 3 corruption duels with random ppl in epic kheshatta.

Part 1: some lotus duels with random ppl in epic kheshatta.

Part 2: some ambushes in FotD, Kheshatta and Tarantia common.

That's all folks, I hope you enjoy the video, and I'll be working on part 2 when 1.06 hits the fan.

comment on, discuss, criticize..


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