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Northern Alliance guild promo
(3 min - Jun 18, 2008 - by Ispinne)
Northern Alliance has left the battlegrounds of World of Warcraft and are now conquering new territory in the land of Hyboria. We are located on the PvP server Fury (eu). This video shows a little taste of what life is like in Northern Alliance. You can visit our homepage at www.na-guild.com
TAGS: alliance promo Northern
Guild Promot... Herald of Xotli 1,647 1
Alliance Imperialis
(1 min - Jul 8, 2009 - by Alyha)
Présentation de l'alliance Imperialis Guildes: Vitam Aeternam & Les Dragons Alliance pve-pvp (RP) Stygia
TAGS: alliance Imperialis
Guild Promot... Multiple - 1,052 1
Northern Alliance
(5 min - Jun 20, 2008 - by fremtiden)
Northern Alliance having fun in AOC =) We're currently located at Fury(EN) - and we're still recruiting na-guild.com
TAGS: alliance lair Kylikki Demonologist Northern Stygian epics Vagmar pvp aoe Cave Vistrix time
PvE Demonologist - 44 1

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