Squirrel PvP?!

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Squirrel PvP?!'s Summary
Attention adult speech used in this video
Do not try this at home !

This is more something like a funvideo ^^ but altough i kill a necromancer who was 7 levels above me

... Ranger is pretty strong when ambushing someone so i don't think i'm really an uberskiller or something ... not yet xD

But i can tell only for my lowlvl and i think (and hope) that funcom balances the game on level 80 just like Blizzard did with WoW on lv 70.

Music by David Guetta: The world is mine

And for any Questions or something like that you can reach me
-ingame on Aries (DE PvP) as Squirrel
-via comment
-via email on [email protected]
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