Dark Perseverance

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Dark Perseverance's Summary
I decided to record a few nights and see what kind of fights I could put up with my freshly leveled 80 DT.
It pictures pretty well the potential of the DT, hopefully it will help some.

My gear was a mix of t1 blue and crafted level 70 with +unholy magical gems (about +98)

Keep in mind that the spec I use is tailored towards team play, its mostly a tank spec with very low dps but a fear and high survivability. I wouldnt be able to last that long if I had the dps spec (about 20% more hurt) and the fear is perfect to save my teammates. Pay attention when I group with the hox, I'm casting heals and using the fear mostly to save him.

The class is in pretty bad shape indeed but we're getting a review soon, its officially announced on the forums, I'll work on a longer and better video once we are in better shape.

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