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AoC - PvP Movie
(9 min - Oct 25, 2007 - by Niklas)
A Age of Conan PvP Movie, filmed with a video camera at a GC.
PvP Unknown 22,834 0
Cerinn : BearShaman AOC PvP 1
(16 min - Jun 23, 2008 - by Eqgle)
Gore to Fame Week #4 Contest Winner I made this movie to train myself on Sony Vegas, enjoy. Contains : Solo BearShaman PvP, lvl 60 to 8...
TAGS: Cerinn BearShaman AoC
PvP Bear Shaman 11,048 1
AoC pvp dual Ranger Conans Valley dutch ...
(10 min - May 22, 2008 - by hewilco)
Me and a buddy killing players and doing quests in conans valley @ Age of Conan both lvl 21 with epix skype comment >=D dont take it to serious but it shows what pvp gameplay is!
TAGS: kill Ranger valley Conans dual dutch AoC
PvP Ranger 4,988 1
AoC Speed Grinding Barbarian
(5 min - Jun 3, 2008 - by Anilogas)
Barbarian level 71 grinding mobs really fast. This can compare to the aoe grind groups that people make, although it is a little bit slower, this yields much more money.
TAGS: AoC leveling speed grinding Barbarian
PvE Barbarian 2,914 1
AoC - Conan goes to Tromso
(29 min - Oct 26, 2007 - by Ostekake)
Gameplay demo held at the Insomnia festival in Tromsų, Norway on Oct 12th 2007
TAGS: demo conan funcom Presentation
How To/Guide... Unknown 2,707 0

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