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Havocal: Kheshatta Duels - Demonologist
(6 min - Jul 25, 2008 - by Logos)
Includes -> Barbarian, Bear Shaman, ToS, PoM, Conflag Demo, Ranger, Assassin, HoX, Conquerer This video basically shows the 1v1 capabilities of a havoc specced demo(which in my opinion outways conflag due to the extra cc). It includes a 1v1 scenario for basically all the classes in the game minus...
TAGS: Kheshatta demo duels 1v1 Demonologist Havoc
PvP Demonologist 14,134 1
Tchuss demonologist havoc pvp solo duo
(14 min - Aug 4, 2008 - by Nestoyeur)
This is my first movie. I try too put only good games. There is a duo party with an other demonologist. Enjoy ! ( I'm sorry for the quality, when i use fraps i forgot too set full size quality :s )
TAGS: Tchuss duo Demonologist Havoc solo
PvP Demonologist 6,227 0
Gamespot PvP Beta - Demonologist
(5 min - May 17, 2008 - by Hituc)
Tiny look into Demonologist class in PvP at lvl 20 directly one month before actual release on gamespots Beta PvP weekend event.
TAGS: beta demons Gamespot Demonologist
PvP Demonologist 2,522 0
Rodion - Je démonte
(6 min - Aug 31, 2008 - by Rodion)
How Rodion became a crossbow lover...
TAGS: Rodion
Dance/Music Multiple 1,716 0
Demonolosit Atzel AoE FUN
(2 min - Jul 2, 2008 - by Ozzyrys)
72 Demo & 71 Guardian having fun in Atzel Fortress camp :) I made the movie basically for enjoyment not to show any imba overpowered AoE like ToS has. Just in case you might ask the following: The song used is 'Lord of the Rings - Two Towers Trailer (Clint Mansell - Requiem for a Dream Remix)'....
TAGS: Demonolosit Atzel aoe fun
PvE Demonologist - 1,199 0

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