Class: Assassin

P Title Category Date Size Rating DLs
Recommended!Sin's Way of Being Other10-03-190-1857
Recommended!Sin's Way of Being PromoTrailers10-03-140-521
Recommended!Killing Spree - BloodrayneDuel10-03-11600-4079
Recommended!Hero's Way of BeingPvP09-04-1710074.5210881
searching for miniMinigames09-01-22163-643
Recommended!Archonus' Assassin PVP FinalPvP08-12-017804.2213983
Futilez World PVP - Wildsoul EU - POther08-11-04384-2447
Archonus - Assassin PVP III Teaser PvP08-10-0421-1464
60lvl Hox vs 63lvl BSDuel08-10-0111-42
Archonus - Assassin PVP IIIPvP08-09-291564.674885
The Chim Reaper 2 : Death's GazePvP08-09-29437-1741
Assassin PVP II - ArchonusPvP08-09-151355.009975
The Chim ReaperPvP08-09-132665.006169
SCUM Promotion VideoGuild Promotion08-09-06434.061138
Sephrenia - Assassin PVP 2PvP08-08-303553.563117
Seizures. -ganking Usual Suspect stPvP08-08-27110-700
Assassin PVP - ArchonusPvP08-08-23794.054659
Obscurae I - Terrible HyboriaPvP08-08-061944.422860
A Duel With a GuardianPvP08-07-31422.811086
Taji PvPPvP08-07-285463.042245
Executioner's Creed TrailerPvP08-07-24372-462
Sephrenia - Assassin PVPPvP08-07-233604.424311
Gonde - The Lotus WayPvP08-07-1683-677
Recommended!Assassin: Best At Both WorldsPvP08-07-167933.9511203
Recommended!Assassin Part 2 - WebbyPvP08-07-1480-2790
Recommended!No Gimmicks III - Assassin PVPPvP08-07-106864.536370
Red Army presentsComedy08-07-02121.00562
RazeL 1st Minimovie PVP - Assassin PvP08-07-021654.721844
Valenitsa IIIDuel08-07-0266-324
Assassin PVP - Mephs: "No Gimmicks"PvP08-07-018324.653426
Valenitsa assasin PvPPvP08-06-26631.78571
Recommended!Mephs - "No Gimmicks: Part 1"PvP08-06-267223.633597
Useless til 70PvP08-06-135153.952096
Assassin and Priest of Mitra in CapMinigames08-06-10452.13511
Not Good Enough To Be NamedPvP08-06-093582.581046
Wohast 80 Assassin Mini PvP VideoPvP08-06-06241.43692
Assassin world PVP (lvl 34/35)World PvP08-06-051232.754060
XIII Legion Guild KeepGuild Promotion08-05-29393.75970
Cultural PvP - Stygia RaidPvP08-05-29212.172062
Assassin PvP 2 Shotting PvP08-05-28653.155211
Developers Diary IV - The Monsters Official07-12-0383-439

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