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FileFront is NOT closing down!
by Gedan, Admin @ 09-04-02 23:28 EST

FileFront will remain open, the recent news however was NOT an early April Fool's joke, instead the original founders purchased it and FileFront now stand as a independent company again:

"After learning about Ziff Davis Media's plan to suspend FileFront at the end of March, the original founders of FileFront made the decision to buy it back from Ziff Davis Media.

We're happy to announce to the gaming community that as of today, April 1st, 2009, FileFront is a completely independent company again and is no longer part of Ziff Davis Media. All previously suspended services should be active and working again. We thank Ziff Davis Media for their cooperation and willingness to keep the site and community alive.

Due to the very unfortunate timing of this event and related announcements on March 24th and April 1st (April Fool's Day), we'd like to make it perfectly clear that:

1) 1) The March 24th announcement about FileFront suspending its operation was NOT an early April Fool's joke.

2) This announcement about the original founders buying back FileFront from Ziff Davis Media is also NOT an April Fool's joke.

3) We're making this announcement on April 1st because the deal was completed today and we want to bring all services back online immediately.

4) We would NEVER suspend FileFront as an April Fool's joke.

5) We are happy to be back!..

.. Welcome home. Game On!"


Thats our trustworthy public mirror, back in action!


HQ Streams Fixed
by Styng, Admin @ 09-01-15 10:51 EST

We have found the issue which prevented HQ Streams to be generated for movies submitted to AoCMovies.com. Throughout the day, Streams will be generated for almost every movie on the website and everyone will be able to use them!

We apologize for the delay on this fix.


Age of Conan goes to Igromir
by Styng, Admin @ 08-11-03 13:12 EST
Gearing up towards the launch in Russia, Funcom will be bringing Age of Conan to the Igromir gaming convention in Moscow this week. The show runs from November 6th to November 9th.

Together with Russian partner 1C, Funcom will be present with a dedicated Age of Conan area where gamers can battle monsters and tackle challenging quests across many locations throughout the game. The new Russian language client will be playable.

Funcom product manager Erling Ellingsen will also drop by to answer questions, talk to gamers and meet the press at the show.

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New team member!
by Uzbeki, Admin @ 08-07-18 18:26 EST
We are very happy to to announce that Opie has joined us as the new lead admin on AoCMovies.com & WarhammerMovies.com. Styng will also help out on the forums and on WCM when we need it. He has previously worked as a game master in a game you know very well and will make a great addition to the team. :)

With his help we will take Age of Conan movies to the next level. Stay tuned for new contests, features and more!
Update Notes July 17, 2008
by Styng, Admin @ 08-07-17 10:52 EST


Player Character
  • Dead team members will now get quest kill credit if they are within range.
  • You now only prohibited from entering stealth mode if team members are in combat nearby.
  • All your team members and their pets will now get the fatality buff when a team member performs a fatality.
  • The mentor and apprentice will see an onscreen message regarding confirmation or declining of pending apprenticeship requests.
  • Mesh effects during spellweaving should no longer rotate with the character.
  • Shield of the Risen will only display particle effects on hidden players if they are on your team.
  • Animations for the 'grin', 'laugh' and 'laughheartily' emotes have been tweaked for both male and female characters.
  • Emote 'squirm_on_ground' has been renamed to 'lounge', to better fit the animation.


  • The following abilities now have new effects: Cat's Paw, Opportunistic Strike, Kidney Shots, Avatar of Death, Lotus Overdose, Necrotic Leech, Corrupting Strikes, and Lunge.
  • Feats "Eyes of Madness", "Rampaging Horde", "Welcoming Death", and "Too Many To Count" now have visuals associated with them.
  • Earth Recharge ability will have a better visual indicator of activation.
  • Let Them Burn should now have the correct cooldown.
  • Let Them Burn will now properly increase in damage the longer it is channeled.
  • Shockblast (Rank 1) and Inferno of Amher (Rank 1) will now scale correctly when compared to Rank 2. The additional splash damage of Shockblast now scales correctly, as it dealt more damage than intended previously.
  • Frostblast now has a visual cone of frost.
  • Ice Shackle spell is now less invasive and more optimized.
  • The tooltip for Malefic Chant now shows up as intended.
  • Night of the Harvester should now correctly increase the effect of the Harvester mana/stamina heal by 15/30%.
  • To offset the change to Void causing the pet no longer to be rooted, the drain effect of Void has been reduced and now scales more consistently based on level.
  • Spell "Siphon Unlife" now has visuals and sound.
  • The casting time of Set's Ruin, Set's Cold Hatred, and Blasphemy have been reduced from 4 seconds to 2 seconds.
  • Parasitic Soul Swarm is now less invasive and should take up less screenspace.
Priest of Mitra
  • The Spellweaving animation has been tweaked.
  • The ranger's tracking list can now be sorted by distance.
  • Dead NPCs and players will now longer appear when using the tracking ability.
Tempest of Set
  • Set's Life Spark should now trigger a resurrection prompt instantly after dying.
  • Puppets of Set should now draw the attention of nearby NPCs if you attempt to cast it on a group of NPCs.

  • Combos and all other actions will be aborted when you start to charge.
  • The combo chain will now be stopped when you begin a charge.
  • You can no longer start combos in the middle of a charge.
  • Dismembering fatalities should now show appropriate visual effects.
  • You can now abort multihit combos without all the damage being rolled back.
  • Aborting multihit combos will not make the target's health become desynced from the client/server anymore.
  • Fizzle and immunity rolls have been moved to the end of your spellcast. If your target becomes immune after you start your spellcast but before it deals damage, your target will resist the spell.
  • Stealth is checked again at the end of your spellcast. If your target hides before you land the spell, your spellcast will fail.
  • The distance to your target while casting a spell is checked again at the end of your spellcast, with a 25% bonus to your range.
  • If your target is behind an obstacle when you've finished casting your spell, the spell will fail
  • Combo finishers (the last attack in the combo chain) now have 25% extra range, making them easier to land in PvP.
  • Mobs will keep you in combat from further away now.
  • Aborting unarmed attacks (using a knockback, for example) will now properly cause the damage not to be dealt.
  • Clickable abilities with instant effects will not be queued after your attack anymore, but executed right away.
  • You cannot use abilities while jumping or falling anymore.
  • Dying while knockbacking NPCs will not cause the npc to become stuck in combat mode anymore.
  • Attack animation speed should be more balanced between genders (note: this does not yet include the combo animations).
  • Combat music has been tweaked so that tension music will be area specific, rather than random.

  • Massive PvP: Mercenary players in a team with a guild member should no longer be hostile-flagged during battle.
  • You will no longer be able to attack guild members on PvP servers.
  • The Massive PVP gui will show up on a separate tab than Minigame PvP.
  • If your pet does the most damage to a target in a minigame, you will now get credited for the kill instead of the pet.
  • Ground targeting AOEs should now only be allowed if the player has line of sight to the target.
  • The siege camps will now give a message when they are clicked on and the city is not vulnerable.
  • You should no longer be able to damage your raid members on Culture PvP servers.

Player Cities
  • The player cities and Battlekeeps now have various NPCs living in them.
  • Buildings should now show the proper damage states when the building gets damaged or repaired.

  • Grey quests will now award XP again.
  • (Atzel's Approach) Kidnapping and Torture ; Diversionary Tactics Inner West - It should now be possible to ignite all palisades.
  • (Atzel's Approach) Revenge of the Ape God - Location of this quest is now marked in the journal.
  • (Black Ring Citadel) Bowls of Set, The Hunt - Quest will now complete when you speak to Kalanthes about it.
  • (Conall's Valley) An Impending Attack - The location marker for Torin has been changed.
  • (Field of the Dead) The Honored Dead - This is now a solo quest.
  • (Kheshatta) Den of Evil Perversions - Has been fixed. Go find the Onyx Chambers, retrieve Hakar Tep's head, then return it to Zane.
  • If you currently have this quest, you MUST delete the quest and go pick it up again from Zane.
  • (Kheshatta) Mouth Of Darkness - Journal text has been updated. The Marker Rune is found near the entrance, rather than within it.
  • (Kheshatta) Markers of the Lost Tomb - A goal marker has been added for the third objective.
  • (Khopshef) Yipping Hyenas - Changed quest waypoint radius, to cover a larger area and more hyenas.
  • (Khopshef) Usurping the Power - Now marked as a group quest.
  • (Khopshef) Emerald Eyes - It should no longer be possible to walk through the door to the Emerald Guardians without first getting the quest.
  • (Khopshef) Trapped by Lions - Timer has been changed to 10 minutes, instead of 10 hours.
  • (Khopshef) The Swindler's Game, Shedding Torment, Stygian Superstitions, The Forgotten Temple, Fascinating Faces, Conflicting Interests - An item reward has been added to these quests.
  • (Khopshef) Lusts of the Flesh - Alekeep in Caravansrai will now ask you for tin, not copper.
  • (Tarantia Noble) Paetus & The Nemedian Crown - Coordinates have been updated within the Villa. The map item will now have a particle effect when you have the quest.
  • (Tarantia Noble) Rahim and Lord Camillus - Rahim's dialog should now work properly when you tell him "Then this madman must be stopped". Player will receive a quest.
  • (Tarantia Noble) Obtaining the Arena Key – Quest should now be completable.
  • Several typos corrected in many quests worldwide.

NPCs / Mobs
  • Charmed NPCs will now be able to attack and perform actions while charmed.
  • More NPCs should now be visible in the vicinity for several raid dungeons.
  • NPCs wielding two handed weapons will now attack correctly.
  • Knockback animations (the landing-animations in particular) will now be smoother for many creatures.
  • Raid bosses should now be visible from further away, in most cases.
  • Black Ring Citadel: Incubus and Succubus are now strong enough to knockback all players. Swamp demon's swamp has become increasingly more dangerous.
  • Black Ring Citadel: Seruha will wait a little before closing the door.
  • Conall's Valley: Wounded Vanir in Conall's Valley will no longer execute the same identical movements at the same time.
  • Field of the Dead: Lieutenant Rhor has learned some new skills, and should no longer be so easy to defeat.
  • Field of the Dead: The Lupine Superior boss has lost his floating wig. He will also spawn minions in a more correct manner.
  • Khemi: Rhino name-plates should now be displayed properly and will no longer clip into the rhino.
  • Kheshatta: Scorpion Archers should now attack more consistently at range.
  • Kheshatta: Several NPCs with equipped weapons have been corrected.
  • Tarantia Noble: Astrologer will no longer send you into a dialog loop.
  • Tortage: Renton should no longer make strange sounds during the Destiny Mage quest.
  • Underhalls: Litharia's patrol has been adjusted a bit, to end her walking through walls or pillars.
  • Vistrix: All players that participate in the fight against Vistrix should now get his tooth.
  • White Sands: Thrall Warrior armor has been tweaked so as to not clip anymore.
  • Wild Lands: Oris should no longer send you into a dialog loop.
  • Certain bosses were using combos they weren't supposed to. This has been fixed.


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Conan at Comic-Con International
by Styng, Admin @ 08-07-17 10:41 EST
It's July again and it's time for the return of San Diego Comic-Con International 2008! This year Funcom's Product Manager Erling Ellingsen and US Community Manager Glen 'Famine' Swan will represent Age of Conan in all its glory at Comic-Con International 2008.

"We will be providing the full behind the scenes exclusive on the entire show.  So be on the lookout for all the exclusive convention updates right here on the Age of Conan community portal."

Convention Information

July 24th - July 27th, 2008.
San Diego Convention Center
Exhibit Hall G - Booth 5129 left of the Fantasy Illustrators

(Note: Complete floor plans can be found here.)

Comic-Con International is by far the largest worldwide event for the comic book scene, featuring all the major comic book publishers, game companies, movie studios and much more!

For more information about Comic-Con then please check out the website here.


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Contest: Gore to Fame Week #6
by Styng, Admin @ 08-07-16 12:48 EST

We continue on with week six of our "GORE TO FAME" Contest!

 No Gimmicks III - Assassin PVP By Mephs

Mephs finishes up his 3 part Assassin PvP series "No Gimmicks" in a great way. This series brought us plenty of Assassin PvP gameplay and, of course, GORE! And this one was no exception.

To learn about how you can participate, what rules there are and Q&A, visit our Contest Page.

Contest: Gore to Fame Week #5
by Gedan, Admin @ 08-07-10 19:19 EST

More gore and splash as we present the fifth week of our "GORE TO FAME"-Contest!

Nightmares Asylum vs Ahazu-Zagam

Black Citadel by Nightmares Asylum fighting Ahazu-Zagam, really cool movie showing some end-game Instances. Not that much hands on pvp/gore but entertaining nonetheless!

To learn about how you can participate, what rules there are and Q&A, visit our Contest page>>

WWI Machinima movie contest winners!
by Gedan, Admin @ 08-07-09 16:39 EST

Due to dancing toons and prowling Murlocs Blizzard had little time over to actually show any of the winning movies at the WWI in Paris. Maybe it was the Hosts fault, letting them self too easily be charmed by a squinching dwarf, needless to say, with just a small glimpse, Machinima fans out there felt left in the dark.. What actually won? where did the TV ad contest go?

Now that Blizzard Entertainment event crew are back on US soil we can finally show all the fans out there who won what and why!

The WWI Machinima Movie contest winners:

Best Movie:
The Bountiful Chest

by Olibith

Best Editing:
The Bountiful Chest

by Olibith

Best Special Effects:
The Demise

by Daniel Wasiluk

Best Scenario:
The curse of room 17
(La malédiction de la chambre 17)

by Raphael Daniel

The Machinima TV ad contest winners:

First Place:
Manatronic (included in The Bountiful Chest)

by Olibith

Second Place:
BS 1337 Nuclear Rocket

by Baroon Soosdon

Third Place:

by Tommi Tuomisto


More info about the contest can be found here >>


- Congratulations to all the winners and our thoughts goes out to the few movie-makers crazy enough to use WotLK-Alpha content :)


Contest: Gore to Fame Week #4
by Gedan, Admin @ 08-07-03 13:34 EST

More gore and splash as we present the forth week of our "GORE TO FAME"-Contest!

Cerinn : BearShaman AOC PvP 1

This sexy Bear Shaman tried out her Sony Vegas skilled and ended up giving us quite a show, great editing and cool pvp combat!

To learn about how you can participate, what rules there are and Q&A, visit our Contest page>>

Voice Actor Contest!
by gedan, Admin @ 08-07-02 16:55 EST
With the released of our manuscript contest we are now looking to matchmake Voice actors and Machinimators, this is a great way to reach out to a big community with chance to earn $$$ money direct linked to the new winner!

The first thing we want is your DEMO sent to [email protected] Best used DEMO will also be awarded with:
  • 1year Premium and
  • Open deal for hired voiceacting with WCM in future projects!

Participants will be voted on at the same time as our Main contest!

Characters and lines - The initial idea is using

Two Scripts -
Script A:
Script B:

The accent does not matter - read the script and send in the demo (ONE LINE) if any line suits your voice!

Small example of lines you can send in (if they suit you):
Sample line - UNDEAD WARLOCK: "There, there little cow..."
Sample line - ORC: "By Thralls beard, where's our friggin flag?!"

The scripts are used by the Machinimators and they will contact you once the demo is up on Warcraftmovies.com to help out on their project.

Recording and Contact information -

  • Details on when you are available and MSN/Skype or other communicating tools
  • Record in: 44100hz 16-bit Stereo MP3
  • Save the lines as: "WCMCONTESTDEMO_yourname_samplenumber.mp3"
  • If you are going to be busy with other projects andor going away anytime soon. Don't bother auditioning. This is for VA's who can record when requested to do so, in the span from the 10th to the 25th of July. To delay a voice over, can delay an entire project.
  • Links to former work helps if you are later to get picked by our Machinima artists.
  • Send your auditions to: [email protected]
Only send in a short DEMO, the full script will be worked on later by you and the Author.

Deadline - For the demo:10th of JULY, contest ends 25th of JULY.


10th of JULY to [email protected]

When you have sent the demo we will listen to it and if it's good, upload to the page. The idea is that everyone who gets their demo uploaded will be subject for use in our future project, the Machinima winner wins an Open Contract with us and will hire anyone of you (s)he liked best.
Contest - Synergy!
by Gedan, Admin @ 08-06-24 17:35 EST

What if you were given a task to put something together, a task that would require a variety of attack points to complete.. Would you approach this alone, or focus on what you are best at and let someone else join in to perfect it?

Time to take your craft to a new level, Blind Ferret Entertainment and Warcraftmovies.com bring you this summers biggest challenge, interpret and give your flava' to an already written manuscript!

For more information, visit our Contest page >>

Contest: Gore to Fame Week #3
by gedan, Admin @ 08-06-18 16:50 EST

More gore and splash as we present the third week of our "GORE TO FAME"-Contest!

INSANE AoE Grinding - Group Edition

A new AOE grind movie from Settar, this time he brings out a group to show us how its done: TOS style! This is the second time Settar wins the contest, keep them coming!

To learn about how you can participate, what rules there are and Q&A, visit our Contest page>>


Contest: Gore to Fame Week #2
by Gedan, Admin @ 08-06-09 10:12 EST

This announcement was delayed due to a public holiday, no further delay and we give you our second week Contest Winner:


"A video guide depicting three installments of the "Feat of the Day" series for Tempests of Set (Including the latest one on Lightning Cast, found here exclusively)!".

Congratulations to Settar, hopefully we will see more of these informative guides in the future!

To learn about how you can participate, what rules there are and Q&A, visit our Contest page>>


Contest: Gore to Fame Week #1
by Gedan, Admin @ 08-05-30 13:48 EST

Our first week Contest Winner is:

The movie features one of the first group dungeons you can enter in Age of Conan, it's just a short clip but it gives you an idea on how group encounters will look like. Congratulations to colinsoup on winning the first week of "GORE TO FAME"!

To learn about how you can participate, what rules there are and Q&A, visit our Contest page>>



Kil'Jaeden Kill Movie: SK Gaming!
by gedan, Admin @ 08-05-29 15:53 EST


SK Gaming is now the #1 Guild in the world and they just released their World First Kill Movie here on WCM!:


You can expect an epic battle and the ever so fun to hear Ventrilo euphoria when the last boss in The Burning Crusade goes down. The Movie is recorded from 5 different points of views and complete with the RP event in the end. Game Over I guess?



SK Gaming also finish on first place in our "Sunwell Rush Contest", giving us the first public movie of an official kill, congratulations on the achievements and enjoy our premium services!

AOC - Weekly Contest: Gore to Fame!
by gedan, Admin @ 08-05-22 17:02 EST

With the global release of AoC less than a day away we now launch our first Movie contest here on AgeofconanMovies.com!:

Give us your Gameplay from Hyboria, whether or you like Making PvE, PvP, Exploration or Storyline Movies; you can all Participate in 'Gore to Fame'! Just Record&Submit to have the chance on some cool Prizes and eternal glory!

For more details on this weekly contest, check out our Contest Page>>


Voting for: Bitfilm Machinima award 2008!
by Gedan, Admin @ 08-05-05 13:40 EST

The voting period has begun for the Bitfilm Machinima award 2008! No less than three Authors were selected from our community! -

BaronSoosdon with his - I'm So Sick:


Dopefish with his - Among Fables and Men:

And Olibith with his - The Ballad of the Sex Junkie:


Go to the bitfilm homepage under the "Machinima" tag and vote for your favorite and the Machinimators know you are supporting them. There are prizes to be won for anyone that takes part in the voting!

Malicious websites
by baloo, Admin @ 08-04-08 12:04 EST

There have been a few domains registered with a similar name to our real domain "warcraftmovies.com" that are used for spreading harmful content.

Our site should only be accessed via warcraftmovies.com and no other domain.

Keep your anti-virus software updated to avoid these kind of problems.

Introducing: l337 speak!
by Gedan, Admin @ 08-04-01 10:29 EST

Due to popular demands we have implemented "leet speak" to our homepage. We pulled some strings and recruited one of our top PvP Author to translate our site! Why do we go through all this trouble? This written argot will prevent our parents and others that do not play the game from understanding what we are doing here, before the summer no one outside this community will ever know we excised!

We thank you for your patience while implementing the "leet speak" on our servers, this is just the BETA phase and when everything is working leet will be default language. In the final stage of this renewal titles and voice over on movies will be manually changed to fit the new standard. Below are a few examples on how the system has improved our Authors summary:

I'm So Sick

Tales of the past III

Eviscerate 7 - World PvP, Daggers

Nihilum EU-BG3 Grand Final

For now you will have to click the new official flag in the top right corner to get the desired effect.

Hope you are as excited about this as we are, reply to this thread if you want to help us translate all the movies and we will get in contact with you.

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