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Acolytes - Starting Guild CityGuild Promot...Necromancer0.0759
Last 10 Comments and Ratings
The NPCs are disabled atm. There is actually no point in creating a city right now since nothing works on it.
AoC - PvP Movie @ 07-10-26 18:00
Rated: 4.5
Best movie Ive see so far for this game. Nice to see someone owing it up in PvP
AoC - 109days 720p @ 07-08-02 15:00
Rated: 4.0
I thought it was over when you showed the game box and the date it was released... and then it carried on this some pictures of conan and then he game box again and the release date, its like a trailer that doesnt know where it is going.
Washed ashore @ 07-07-06 14:44
Rated: 4.5
Sweet, lucky guy to be in beta
Rated: 4.2
Nice trailer. Id join if I wasnt in Canada :P
Location - Aztels @ 07-07-05 16:24
Rated: 4.8
Sweet video, no complaints about the graphics, I love the detail they are putting into this game.
Rated: 4.0
Meh, was alright, didnt show much
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