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Sanctum of the Burning Souls Q...PvEGuardian3.81010
Yakhmar's Cave previewExplorationGuardian3.31215
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Rated: 3.8
Please keep your opinions and your video ratings seperate. Whether you think Ebonlore or whoever else is a bad guild, rate the video for its quality. Good video. One of the few videos of a tank POV that will be released im sure. Thanks.
Rated: 5.0
Cool video. Nice music/editing. Grats on your boss kills as well.
Rated: 4.2
Good video of Tord's Tomb. Good music/editing. Tord. himself has been fixed. I did him not too long ago and killed him legitimately . It was pretty fun.
Age of Conan Grinding @ 08-06-12 08:46
Rated: 2.8
Awesome song, decent quality, but im just over grinding videos ~_~
Yakhmar @ 08-06-12 01:54
Rated: 3.2
Yeah I beat you to the punch for this :) But hey you know fraps works for you now. Just a tip: dont even worry about typing in /say, its impossible to read.
Squirrel PvP?! @ 08-06-11 09:23
Rated: 4.8
Pretty funny/clever.
Grats on Gore to Fame Week 2 :)
Yakhmar's Cave preview @ 08-06-05 21:18
@Daroki: Well seeing as it took 2 hits and im only 54 means a level 80 tank spec with a few healers healing em might last alittle longer :) @DaemonhunterZ: How would you know if he is bugged? He walked over to me, killed me, and went back to his spot :? And i dunno what else I could do with the ending, theres only so much you can do in there :P Thanks for the ratings and comments :)
Rated: 4.2
Excellent guide. I do most of the things you pointed out myself, but it is good to have specific things explained for those who dont think fighting 3-5 mobs 3 levels higher than you.
Rated: 4.5
Excellent quality, good music, good overall summary of the instance. You probably would have won the gore to fame weekly instead of me if you submitted this alittle earlier :P Thanks for the vid I hope to see more from you in the future.
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